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MedScan Diagnostic Systems, Inc. is pleased to provide our customers with new and refurbished MRI machines from all of the leading manufacturers.

Whether you are looking for a closed or open MRI, we are pleased to offer the very latest in MR technology from trusted brands such as GE, Siemens, Hitachi, Philips, Time Medical, Esaote and more.

Whatever your applications requirements are, MedScan can assist you in upgrading your current technology or provide guidance through all aspects of setting up one or multiple imaging centers, regardless of your location.  

Choose to purchase your imaging equipment from the latest makes and models available including the new GE Signa Voyager 1.5 33CH MR system, Siemens MAGNETOM Aera 1.5T, Siemens Magnetom Free.MAX  with 80 cm bore, and helium free infrastructure, Time Medical's PICA .35T Open MRI and Esaote Magnifico Open MRI and many more. 

If you have a particular MRI in mind or you need suggestions from our experienced team, please call us at (855) 358-6767 OR Request a Quote here.

We look forward to providing you with expert guidance throughout the development of your imaging center, including  all imaging equipment sales and service, consultation regarding site preparation. shielding, service and applications training.

Please find just a few of many available options below.  If you don't see what you are looking for, just give us a call at 855-358-6767 or Contact Us here and we will back to you shortly with the perfect solution for your new and refurbished imaging equipment needs.



Siemens MAGNETOM Free.Max

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  • Have full control over your patients’ care pathway—consultation to diagnosis turnaround time and offer your patients timely care.
  • An affordable helium-independent system with low lifecycle costs and a low breakeven requirement, designed for orthopedic practices.
  • Generate a new and profitable revenue service into your business— MRI is a powerful diagnostic tool with relatively high reimbursement rates.
  • Provide a superior patient experience with the widest most patient accommodating MRI system.
  • Open up access for severely obese patients to comfortably have everybody part scanned.
  • Avoid delays from repeat exams in claustrophobic and anxious patients with the world’s first 80cm wide bore MRI scanner.
  • Further enhance patient accommodation & comfort with lightweight & flexible multipurpose coils. Patients with limited mobility are afforded easier transfer with a low minimum table height (meets U.S. Access Board requirement of 19 in)


GE Voyager 1.5T 33CH MR System for Integrated Table

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Consistent image quality, productivity and efficiency

Multiply the value of advanced 1.5T imaging in a smaller, more efficient MRI with SIGNA™ Voyager. With patient-friendly AIR™ Coils that maximize comfort and intelligent Workflow Solutions that reduce exam time, this wide-bore system makes use of UHE technology and Total Digital Imaging to consistently deliver premium imaging performance with a low-running cost.


Maximize comfort and versatility.

Adaptive AIR™ Coils provide coverage to accommodate all types of scans and patients. The Comfort Plus Table offers more room for patients. An optional lightweight, detachable eXpress Patient Table improves patient handling and comfort for faster patient setup. Free-breathing for any examination, it enables dynamic studies as well as compatible needle-free and 2D/3D motion-correction techniques.

Exceptional imaging in a compact 1.5T wide bore, MRI scanner




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The PICA is Time Medical's flagship product.  It's Open architecture, advanced hardware platform and leading-edge clinical applications make it ideally suited for patient comfort, fast acquisition times and excellent image quality.  The PICA has satisfied the ACR Accreditation requirements of 4 MRI modules: Head, Spine, Body and MSK. This accreditation serves the PICA as approval for financial reimbursement for patient scans by the US Government MEDICARE program and the many private insurance companies in the US. 

The PICA's 20-minute MRI exam of the Brain scan is an example of TIME MEDICAL System's commitment to delivering value, performance and innovation.

Consider this Open .35T MRI as an excellent option for your imaging center for your claustrophobic and obese patents.

Esaote Magnifico Open MRI

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If you are looking for an excellent alternative to provide MRI imaging to your claustrophobic and obese patients, consider the Esaote Magnifico Open MRI.

Esaote, a global leader in imaging technology, introduced the Magnifico Open MRI in 2022, providing optimum image quality, True-Motion MRI for real-time acquisition of the joint in motion, low operating costs and more.

Magnifico MRI

Patient positioning and comfort


Magnifico MRI

Open system, free coil positioning, laser alignment, split coil design, transparent head coil, easy-access patient bed. It all adds up to make patient positioning easy, fast and comfortable.

Magnifico MRI head coil

Claustrophobic patients

Magnifico is the answer for your claustrophobic patients.  Magnifico comes with a transparent head coil for enhanced patient comfort.  The open magnet simply makes it a comfortable MRI experience for all patients, in particular children.


Esaote's True-Motion MRI offers a complementary approach to standard static MRI with dynamic real-time acquisition of the joint in motion.

An additional tool to improve patient care in particular in high-level sports medicine.

Magnifico MRI

Post-surgical imaging

Magnifico MRI is an optimal solution to treat patients with metal implants as the system has an intrinsic low level of susceptibility for metal with respect to traditional MRI.

Together with the dedicated MAR sequences, Magnifico offers high quality diagnostics also in the presence of the majority of implants.

Magnifico MRI head coil

Ease of use

Esaote systems have the reputation of being very easy to use and Magnifico is in line with this standard with a user interface focused on getting the work done without losing the flexibility to customize scans whenever needed.

Magnifico MRI head coil

Examination workflow

Simplified workflow and Protocol driven scanning for fast exams and high throughput without comprising diagnostic quality.

When result counts

Ample selection of dedicated coils for an optimal result and excellent patient experience. The multichannel design allows for a high SNR, high signal homogeneity and therefore high spatial resolution.



MSK Extreme


Here are the highlights of the Siemens Espree

  1. Ultra-short bore 1.5T magnet
  2. Classified with the FDA as an “open MRI.”
  3. 70 cm bore vs traditional 60 cm bore.
  4. 60% of scan can be performed with the patients head out of the magnet.
  5. Zero boil off magnet
  6. TIM (Total Imaging Matrix) technology
  7. 8, 18 or 32 RF channels

1.5T in a unique design.

Leading in patient care.

You are dedicated to providing the best care for every patient. As the world continues to grow and life expectancy rises, you are encountered with a more diverse range of challenging diagnostic questions. In your pursuit of delivering the highest quality care, you utilize advanced MRI technology designed with the patient in mind, enabling more access to quality healthcare.

You are an MRI leader.

Whether you are just beginning to work with MRI or are at the forefront of research. With Siemens MAGNETOM MRI systems, you can be sure to lead. In your clinical field, your research, your business environment – to achieve Siemens joint mission of advancing human health.

Leading. With MAGNETOM.

With more than 1,300 installations worldwide, Siemens MAGNETOM® Espree is, quite simply, the most successful Open Bore MRI on the market today. You’ll experience revolutionary performance, increased patient satisfaction, and a wide array of applications, enabling you to do more than you ever thought possible.

Advanced Tim technology.

  • Many high-channel coils for routine clinical applications
  • Up to 205 cm Field-of-View in whole body
  • Parallel imaging for fast exams

Trendsetting in patient comfort.

  • 120 cm magnet length
  • 70 cm Open Bore
  • 60% head-out exams

New dimensions in applications.

  • Proven clinical performance with > 1,300 installations.
  • New advanced applications with the syngo MR B19 software version
  • Optimized installation requirements

Trendsetting in patient comfort.

With Siemens MAGNETOM Espree, you – and your patients – can change the way you think about open MRI. The 70 cm inner diameter makes CT-like comfort possible in an MRI scanner. And the scanner is remarkably short with 125 cm that enables head-out or feet-first for most exams.

When the patient’s head is positioned inside the open bore – for instance with shoulder imaging – MAGNETOM Espree provides 30 cm of space above the patient’s face, about twice that of traditional, vertical-field open magnets. As a result, patients are more comfortable, and more relaxed, during the exams.

But reducing patient anxiety is only one of your challenges. How do you image patients who are very obese, or have issues with pain or mobility? With ease, thanks to Siemens MAGNETOM Espree’s 250 kg or 550 lbs. capable patient table and Tim technology, which enables scanning in positions not possible on vertical-field open MRI scanner.

Put your patients at ease.

  • 70 cm Open Bore
  • 30 cm of face space
  • Head-out exams
  • Comfortable positioning of the joints (e.g., wrist, elbow) next to the body

Accommodate patients with special needs and conditions.

  • Pain and mobility issues
  • Respiratory problems
  • Kyphosis

Broaden your clinical possibilities.

  • Easy access in interventional MRI
  • Opportunities to perform more kinematic studies.

Expand your care to a wider range of patients.

  • Obese population (up to 250 kg or 550 lbs.)
  • Claustrophobic patients
  • Pediatric1 and elderly patients
  • ICU patients or those dependent upon medical equipment

A clinical perspective.

  • Unparalleled flexibility, accuracy, and speed – thanks to Tim
  • Broad range of dedicated applications
  • Up to 100%2 more signal-to-noise ratio with surface coils
  • Extended Field-of-View to image the whole disease.

With the power of Tim and the simplicity of syngo, MAGNETOM Espree streamlines the entire radiology process, from ordering through planning, performing exams, processing, reporting, and distribution.

Workflow Innovations

  • syngo Inline Technology: Allows you to perform certain processing steps as early as during image reconstruction and display them immediately after completion. This means processing instead of post-processing. Subtraction images, maximum intensity projection, etc., are displayed immediately after completion of the scan.
  • syngo Phoenix and PhoenixZIP: Enable simple exchange of MR protocols, quickly retrieving the entire protocol information in one easy drag-and-drop step. This allows reproducible follow-up examinations.
  • syngo AutoAlign solutions: Facilitates reproducible slice positioning in the head and the spine. No manual adjustments are needed. This maximizes standardization and comparability in follow-up examinations.
  • syngo.via: The seamless integration of syngo.via further improves not only the workflow right at the scanner. But also, the workflows beyond.



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